Why are smart people stupid enough to think gun control will help anything

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy people rightfully question what went wrong and what can we do to reduce the risk for another tragedy in the future?  The easy answer, to some, is more gun control.  While that is an easy answer it is totally the wrong answer and will do nothing prevent and/or reduce the risk of future tragedies.  Those of you whom believe gun control is the answer, do you really believe the criminals and terrorists will just stop buying guns and turn in the ones they already have?  Are you really that naive and/or stupid?  If you do not believe me, look at Chicago.  Some of the toughest gun laws in the country yet they lead the nation in murders and shooting

If you were sincerely interested in inhibiting these tragedies, you would start for look for potential real solutions.  Maybe you should consider identifying the people involved in these tragedies and prevent them from getting weapons?