About Us

Mr. Scardamalia brings vast experience in assembling highly skilled, small teams to deliver products with minimal resources in both dollars and manpower.  He has proven leadership and communication skills in large corporations, fast growing companies and start-up companies.  His abilities earned the recognition from a top accounting firm, making him a 2000 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year candidate.  His background encompasses both technical and management positions in PCB design, ASIC chip development, microprocessor chip development,  high performance commercial and scientific parallel systems (hardware and software), CAD systems development, and business planning.

Under his leadership, Times N Systems was awarded second place for the KPMG 2000 Product of the Year.  While he was leading the development of their product, Times N secured six issued patent, 13 pending patents, multiple card and FPGA designs, and 1.5M lines of code.  Mr. Scardamalia raised $15.6M in equity funding and $5M in debt financing, he established development, finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing operations, customer technical support, systems tests and performance benchmark departments.

Prior to co-founding Times N Systems, he built a notable 24-year career with IBM in semiconductor chip and computer systems development. During that time, he directed a 75 person design team across 2 labs, that defined, designed, verified and released the CPU chip set for the Low End RS/6000 workstation.  He also negotiated common signal processing requirements with 5 world-wide development laboratories.  Scardamalia brings multiple years of experience working as the leader of multiple development teams in start-up companies and on-site design service projects.  During this time he directed a 24 person team, from 7 different companies, to implement a fully integrated MPEG2 video/audio decoder chip (including the cards for test).

In addition to his technical leadership and commitments, Scardamalia has worked with numerous charitable organizations.  He not only served on the Board of Directors as both a member and past president for Marywood, a family planning and adoption center, but he and his wife cared for newborn babies as foster parents.  His community service has lead to local TV and newspaper coverage.

You might be asking yourself why Mr. Scardamalia’s background and experience qualifies him to comment on a variety of social and political issues.  That is a valid observation, however my answer is that my background and experience has given my a somewhat unique perspective on how the business, social, economic, and political aspects of a society come together and work together.  Unlike some people, I do not believe in a Utopia where evil disappears and only good exists but that seems to be an illusion that to many people operate under today.