Presidential Election 2016 – It Does Count

Some say this coming election is the most important election of our time. I tend to agree with that statement for 3 fundamental reasons:

  • I believe it is an election that will set the direction of the country for years, maybe decades to come. The choose will be one of two directions. One direction, contrary to the deserves and beliefs of our founders, will be to a larger and larger government that controls an ever increasing portion of an individual’s life (Hillary Clinton). The other direction, more aligned with the intentions of the founders is a smaller government that looks to the individual to be responsible for their own life (Donald Trump).

I am reminded of an old parable here: give a person a fish and feed them for a day (Hillary) or teach a person to fish and feed them for a lifetime (Donald).  Which seems more compassionate to you?

  • The second reason is that it will firmly entrench a political establishment (Hillary Clinton) that makes decisions based on what is best for them versus what is best for the people or the country. Or the election could put in place a new approach that is not obligated to the moneyed establishment, foreign or domestic (Donald Trump).  Personally I believe individuals can make better decisions for themselves over the long run than a small set of bureaucrats in Washington D.C. that are totally divorced from the realities of day to day life.

Again I am reminded of another old saying: power corrupts but absolute power absolutely corrupts.  The bigger the government the more corrupt it becomes.  I think we can already see that.

  • The third reason is that many think that more government experience is the key to being a good President. I would question that assertion and look more to the outcome that those “experienced” decisions have made.  While Hillary might have 30 years of experience in government in multiple high level positions, I cannot think of one successful decision she has made but I can think of many bad ones; for example travel gate, Hillarycare, enabling Bill Clinton’s sexual transgressions, overthrowing Libya, ignoring calls for help from Benghazi.  While Donald Trump does not have 30 years of experience in government, he has shown the ability to make many difficult decisions that have built multiple successful businesses and employed 1000’s of people.  Have all of his decisions worked out, obviously not.  No one, no matter how successful has a 100% hit rate.  Even Steve Jobs was fired from Apple but he came back to build one heck of a company.  In the end would you rather have a Apple or a Solyndra?

So vote on the 8th, just consider what direction you want to go because the choice is starkly different and the results will impact many future generations.