President Trump and the Paris Accords

The question is; was President correct in withdrawing the Unites States from the Paris Accord

The answer; unequivocally and absolutely is YES!

The reason the answer is yes is that there is zero real evidence that even suggests that global warming (which is actually global cooling) is in any way related to mankind

Why do I say there is no real evidence?

There are several reasons but first we have to understand how real science is conducted and it is not by a consensus of people even if they are scientists.  First a real scientist will propose a theory, next they will design experiments to either prove or disprove the theory.  Here is the very key point; a true scientist will design experiments to DISPROVE the theory.  The reason is that it is easy to design experiments to prove a theory.  In fact, human nature is such that a person can and will find examples that support their theory.  On the other hand if they can find one data point that disproves the theory then the theory is not valid and a new theory must be developed.  In the case of man-made global warming, there are data points that disprove every theory.  CO2 does correlate to warming in some places but not in others.  The polar ice caps recede in some places but overall, they have ground.

Another reason is that satellite temperature data, worldwide, did show the earth warming slightly in the nineties (about .3 degrees centigrade) but it also showed that the earth has been cooling for the last 15 years (about 1.3 degrees centigrade)

Another reason is that the “hockey stick” algorithm from the 1970s, the initial basis for the global warming theories showing no warming in the Middle Ages but skyrocketing temperatures in the nineties has been disproved.  Not only does it disagree with the commonly held scientific belief that the 1500s were the warmest era but it does not correlate at all to current temperatures.

Lastly is that the total global warming theory is based, not on scientific fact but rather on computer models which have been shown to be corrupt.  East Anglica University, the epi-center of the global warming theories and the generator of the major global warming models, was shown in 2009 to have manipulated the models and the data.  They also admitted to limiting the peer review process by excluding those who did not support the man-made global warming theory.

President Trump took the correct approach by withdrawing from the Paris accord.  The US has one of the cleanest environments in the world and will continue on it current path.  The Paris Accords did and would have placed undue burdens on US companies causing increasing costs and job losses for NO gain to the environment or to the warming of the globe.